Simple DIY raised garden beds

I know it’s March, but for some reason it feels like summer in Colorado! It may be early, but I’ve already been bitten with the Summer bug!! 

This summer, instead of planting in the ground, I wanted to give raised garden beds a try. Raised gardening helps a lot in keeping plants warm, controling weeds and keeping higher quality soil. I created these great beds for next to nothing using free palettes, some stain and weed barriers. 

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Step 1: Search for palettes. Many places are happy to get rid of these for free. Just ask before you take. I was lucky enough to find two extra large palettes 5ftx3ft. 

Step 2: Cut out the center strips of wood to create a hollow center. 

Step 3: Stain or finish to your desired look. Palettes are made to withstand harsh conditions, so leaving them untreated is fine as well.  I used Danish oil in Dark Walnut on these.  
RUST-OLEUM 242220 Watco Quart Dark Walnut Danish Oil Wood Finish

Step 4: Staple a weed barrier cloth around the inside so that the garden bed will hold soil. 
Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric 12YR450

Step 5: Plant and enjoy!! (Since it’s March, and Colorado, I will be waiting a bit before I plant, but will update when I do)

***Coming Soon- DIY Arbor, stairs and wood paths 😀 Stay tuned!***


Halloween Decor: Create a mad scientist’s Labratory 

This year for Halloween, I wanted my mantel to tell the story of being inside a dark and dreary scientist’s lab.  I love going for authentic looking, non cheesy decorations so I started my search through the thrift stores. I was mostly looking for erie pieces, beakers and anything that had an industrial feel. 

While beakers were hard to find, I ended up just using neatly shaped glass bottles and fish tubing. I found a nice site for inexpensive beakers here but never actually used it. 

While most everything came second hand to me, I did make one awesome purchase to complete the look:

A 3-D printed switch plate! You can get yours here

After assembling and rearranging everything, here is the final look:

For an added touch, I added a shadow box frame with a serum inside, lab coats hanging around the house and some custom creepy art for the mad scientist. 

For an extra punch, if you have a black light, fill your beakers with tonic water. You will end up with a neat glowing liquid in the dark!

Like the lobster? This was supposed to be a brain, but as I didn’t have one, a glowing lobster seemed the logical choice! 😀

I have a surprise for you!!!

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A Look Inside the Studio

Everyone creates in their own way, with their own quirks. I find it quite interesting to hear about the atmospheres in other artist’s studios. Some meditate or listen to podcasts, some need complete silence or a perfectly clean and organized space. I am the same way. There are three things that I could not live without when I am creating my own pieces. 

First, music. I need something motivational with lyrics that make you think or question society. I love the Beatles, Scars on Broadway, Pearl Jam and that type of thought provoking genre. (Balanced out with a few happy upbeat numbers of course) 

Another thing I need is a drink. Though I usually get so wrapped up that I don’t drink it. Usually hot tea or coffee is my favorite. Hot and relaxing. (Unless you run in to a  “paint dipping in the wrong cup, or oops I just drank paint water” accident. 😀)

Lastly, I have my trusty “My Little Pony” water cup. I could probably live without this, but I would be a little sad, as this was my favorite childhood show. (I still have all of my old ponies 😀)

I wish I could say I was one of those organized clean freaks, but I am the opposite. Messy, chaotic and a little too excited to be cleaning while I am creating! 

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New Art!

This year has been such a blur so far! I am finally getting back to my painting and I have a lot to show you over the next couple of weeks.  This one is entitled “Vintage Wishes”  It is 12x12in. on  canvas, done in acrylic and mixed media.  I love the neutral vintage tones combined with the bright colors! Stay tuned for more! I have been working on being a little more free with my paintings, so you never know what’s up next!


See more at Here is another recent piece that is similar.

“Peacock Wish”

Here is my latest painting! It is 12x12in on canvas. Entitled Peacock wish. 

This painting gives off a vintage/fantasy feel. Peacock feathers have always attracted me. The brightness and beauty along with the eye on the tip seems to peer in to your soul. It seems only fitting to make a wish! 🙂

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