As promised… The secret image.

A week ago I posted my newest painting. A giant 8′ x 4′ poppy painting. You can read about the meaning Here

In my last post I briefly mentioned a secret image. Did you find it? Well here is the close up.


I am not a football fan, but I love secret pictures. This image was for my cousin in law; he loves the Raiders. He mentioned paintings with cool hidden pictures, so I just had to sneak this in :-). It’s amazing how many pieces of art have hidden pictures and meanings. Some of them we might not ever know about. Our local history Museum has gnomes Hidden in all of its murals. Here is a picture:

So there you have it. My secret picture. How many of my other paintings have secret images? One? None? All? The world may never know đŸ™‚    

Want your own custom piece, maybe with a hidden meaning? Contact me!!! I’d love to work with you! Contact Eastham Art


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