New Art!

This year has been such a blur so far! I am finally getting back to my painting and I have a lot to show you over the next couple of weeks.  This one is entitled “Vintage Wishes”  It is 12x12in. on  canvas, done in acrylic and mixed media.  I love the neutral vintage tones combined with the bright colors! Stay tuned for more! I have been working on being a little more free with my paintings, so you never know what’s up next!


See more at Here is another recent piece that is similar.


“Annabella” The White Tiger

This year for Christmas, three girls chose their favorite animals, flowers and colors and I painted them a custom piece of art. 

This painting is entitled “Annabella” it is a white tiger with roses surrounding the head. This painting is for a preteen so I wanted to give this a not so kiddy look. I chose to make it simple. I also used a white tiger with blue eyes to emphasize Annabella’s uniqueness. There is also a glow in the dark heart on the Tiger’s cheek, that is meant to highlight what a big heart Annabella has. The roses are dark red and symbolize the beauty in the challenges around her. (Especially for a teenager)

Stay tuned to see my other prices and the meaning behind the paintings! Visit my Site to see more!  

Holiday art Reveal

Every year around the holidays, I take on at least one art project to give away as a gift. This year, I crafted three paintings for three amazing girls and a wall plaque for some well deserving grandparents!
The three paintings are all similar but also unique. Each girl picked a favorite animal, flower and color scheme and I did the rest. Here is what I came up with:

First, we have a tiger & roses in blue, red and black:

Next, a dog with lilies in green pink and blue:

And finally, a unipeg (unicorn Pegasus) in pink, magenta and purple: 

(I will elaborate more in to the meanings and decisions I made on these in another post)

Finally, a wooden “grandchildren” sign with space to hang pictures of grandchildren on clothes pins. 

There you have it! My 2015 holiday art gifts. If you see anything you like, I would love to do something similar for you! Visit my site at to see more!

Chalkboard Dresser: A fun gift for your child!

Yay! Finally I have started creating again! I have several projects in the works, so stay tuned for more updates as I progress. Holidays always seem to be crazy!

Here is something fun for a kids room. A nice dresser that is meant for drawing on! This is great for drawing practice, reading and organization (in a fun way).

This is my newest piece, a chalkboard dresser. It was extremely easy to do, just paint with chalk paint, add some knobs and boom! Dresser!

I also added a fox picture on the side to add to the animal themed knobs. Check it out! Remember, I can always create a custom piece just for you!


Sale Time!

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