This months new art lineup!

Which one will you take home with you?


New Art!

This year has been such a blur so far! I am finally getting back to my painting and I have a lot to show you over the next couple of weeks.  This one is entitled “Vintage Wishes”  It is 12x12in. on  canvas, done in acrylic and mixed media.  I love the neutral vintage tones combined with the bright colors! Stay tuned for more! I have been working on being a little more free with my paintings, so you never know what’s up next!


See more at Here is another recent piece that is similar.

“Amelia” The Unipeg

This year for Christmas, three girls chose their favorite animals, flowers and colors and I painted them a custom piece of art. 

Amelia is innocent and has a great imagination. The unicorn Pegasus captures her belief in magic and the beauty around us all. The bright pinks in combination with the dark blue sky enhances the magic and surrealism around us. 

Tulips are a sign of cheerfulness as they break the drab winter with the first colors of spring. This is the feeling Amelia gives whenever anyone sees her. The moon and stars light up in the dark, adding the the beauty and mystery that is Amelia.

Stay tuned for more art projects, and I am always open to do a custom piece for you! 

New Contest!

Since I have been busy creating commissioned work, but can’t show my newest creations until after the holidays, I have decided to award a free print to the first 10 people to guess what this painting is of from these detail shots. Enter to win here.  Here they are:

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