A Look Inside the Studio

Everyone creates in their own way, with their own quirks. I find it quite interesting to hear about the atmospheres in other artist’s studios. Some meditate or listen to podcasts, some need complete silence or a perfectly clean and organized space. I am the same way. There are three things that I could not live without when I am creating my own pieces. 

First, music. I need something motivational with lyrics that make you think or question society. I love the Beatles, Scars on Broadway, Pearl Jam and that type of thought provoking genre. (Balanced out with a few happy upbeat numbers of course) 

Another thing I need is a drink. Though I usually get so wrapped up that I don’t drink it. Usually hot tea or coffee is my favorite. Hot and relaxing. (Unless you run in to a  “paint dipping in the wrong cup, or oops I just drank paint water” accident. 😀)

Lastly, I have my trusty “My Little Pony” water cup. I could probably live without this, but I would be a little sad, as this was my favorite childhood show. (I still have all of my old ponies 😀)

I wish I could say I was one of those organized clean freaks, but I am the opposite. Messy, chaotic and a little too excited to be cleaning while I am creating! 

Come visit me at www.easthamart.com to see more!


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