Simple DIY raised garden beds

I know it’s March, but for some reason it feels like summer in Colorado! It may be early, but I’ve already been bitten with the Summer bug!! 

This summer, instead of planting in the ground, I wanted to give raised garden beds a try. Raised gardening helps a lot in keeping plants warm, controling weeds and keeping higher quality soil. I created these great beds for next to nothing using free palettes, some stain and weed barriers. 

(This article contains affiliate links which will pay me a small commission on anything you purchase here at no extra cost to you. These are the actual products I used and I stand by them 100%)

Step 1: Search for palettes. Many places are happy to get rid of these for free. Just ask before you take. I was lucky enough to find two extra large palettes 5ftx3ft. 

Step 2: Cut out the center strips of wood to create a hollow center. 

Step 3: Stain or finish to your desired look. Palettes are made to withstand harsh conditions, so leaving them untreated is fine as well.  I used Danish oil in Dark Walnut on these.  
RUST-OLEUM 242220 Watco Quart Dark Walnut Danish Oil Wood Finish

Step 4: Staple a weed barrier cloth around the inside so that the garden bed will hold soil. 
Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric 12YR450

Step 5: Plant and enjoy!! (Since it’s March, and Colorado, I will be waiting a bit before I plant, but will update when I do)

***Coming Soon- DIY Arbor, stairs and wood paths 😀 Stay tuned!***


Halloween decorating for a Dollar

It that time of year! Dried leaves and the scent of pumpkin fills the air. It’s time to transform your space in to a spooky, stylish Halloween palace! And what better way to do it, than cost effective and creatively? All of these treasures came from the ever popular dollar store! What a great way to make your ideas come to life for less!!

Up first, we have the haunted town, complete with orange lights and black trees!! Each building was a dollar! There was nothing to craft for this one, just set it out, add some lights and enjoy!! (We added some mini Halloween Thomas the tank engine toys as well!)

Next, what haunted house is complete without a poison tray? Just add some thrift store bottles and we are good to go! These awesome transfers came in a pack of four and were really easy to use!! I thought for a dollar, they may not turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

Everyone knows that pumpkins are a staple of Halloween and fall. These great little guys also cost a dollar. They were orange at first which I decided to spray paint ivory to match my mantel scene a little better. Add these any where and every where!! They are carve-able, would make good accents or even a main center piece! 


 The dollar store is full of great things that you can find for your holiday! You can find bugs, dishes, towels, tinsel, floral… Pretty much every thing! I also picked up some fall leaves that I am planning on painting gold for Thanksgiving!! Check out my other blog posts for more Halloween decorating ideas!! And if you see something you like, check out my Etsy store, it may be for sale 😉 

How to create a beautiful drawer pull in 10 minutes

From this to this in 10 minutes:

I am currently working on up-cycling a beautiful vanity, and have plans on matching this to a giant wardrobe that I acquired. On each one, I want similar drawer pulls, both the same color, but in different shapes. (The wardrobe will have a knob and keyhole, while the vanity will be a simple drawer pull.) My only problem: I can’t find an exact match. The solution: paint them, while keeping the antiqued look and bringing everything together.  

Step one: Pick similar pulls so that shape and style match. We will be adding color highlights to each but it would be helpful if the two sets have a similar base coat. 

Step two: Choose three or four colors to highlight with. I used acrylic paint and used black, teal, copper and pastel green. 

Step three: Plan out how you would like the accents to look. Do you want large dark areas? Small highlights? Make a plan for your look so you have an idea of where you will need to paint. 

Step four: Paint. I painted large areas with the real and used a small bit of black to darken it. I then dry brushed some of the pastel paint over the colors so it looked antiqued. Finally, I added a few copper highlights around the edges. 

Since this was acrylic paint, and I was mostly dry brushing, it was dry in a few minutes! Now everything is more unique with a brighter antiqued patina look and will be a perfect matching bedroom set when I paint the wardrobe’s door handles to match! I am even adding a few wood accents in the same color to the vanity mirror to tie everything together further.

And, it case you are curious, here is the vanity’s work in progress photo!


Storm painting

This is the beginning of my 3 ft x 8 ft commissioned painting. After beginning to paint in my garage, a huge storm complete with loud thunder and golf ball sized hall, graced me with its presence. I focused on painting as it stormed and I think the result definitely channeled the spirit of the storm. Take a look 🙂 


Help a dream become a reality. 

“A colorful ball standing tall in the gutter that I pass by…”  

This children’s story/poem is meant to be published! It is the story of a chance meeting of a boy, a ball and it has the perfect ending…

If you would like to help see this piece of literature come to light, check out Kickstarter and donate or share what you can! Trust me, this story is worth it (and I’m not just saying that because it’s a true story that happened to me lol)