New Art!

This year has been such a blur so far! I am finally getting back to my painting and I have a lot to show you over the next couple of weeks.  This one is entitled “Vintage Wishes”  It is 12x12in. on  canvas, done in acrylic and mixed media.  I love the neutral vintage tones combined with the bright colors! Stay tuned for more! I have been working on being a little more free with my paintings, so you never know what’s up next!


See more at Here is another recent piece that is similar.


“Peacock Wish”

Here is my latest painting! It is 12x12in on canvas. Entitled Peacock wish. 

This painting gives off a vintage/fantasy feel. Peacock feathers have always attracted me. The brightness and beauty along with the eye on the tip seems to peer in to your soul. It seems only fitting to make a wish! 🙂

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