Halloween Decor: Create a mad scientist’s Labratory¬†

This year for Halloween, I wanted my mantel to tell the story of being inside a dark and dreary scientist’s lab.  I love going for authentic looking, non cheesy decorations so I started my search through the thrift stores. I was mostly looking for erie pieces, beakers and anything that had an industrial feel. 

While beakers were hard to find, I ended up just using neatly shaped glass bottles and fish tubing. I found a nice site for inexpensive beakers here but never actually used it. 

While most everything came second hand to me, I did make one awesome purchase to complete the look:

A 3-D printed switch plate! You can get yours here

After assembling and rearranging everything, here is the final look:

For an added touch, I added a shadow box frame with a serum inside, lab coats hanging around the house and some custom creepy art for the mad scientist. 

For an extra punch, if you have a black light, fill your beakers with tonic water. You will end up with a neat glowing liquid in the dark!

Like the lobster? This was supposed to be a brain, but as I didn’t have one, a glowing lobster seemed the logical choice! ūüėÄ


Red and White Cozy Holiday Mantel



I’ve been meaning to post a picture of my holiday mantel for about a month now, and with 5 days until Christmas, I think I will post this procrastinated blog, for all of the procrastinating decorators out there!

This mantel is pretty simple. It is mostly a mixture of white lights and thrift store red and white decorations. The beauty about a lot of these decorations, such as the frame with the wreath, the lantern, the vases and candles is that you can reuse them for a lot of different holidays and looks!  Just imagine a white lantern filled with romantic rose petals for Valentines day!  And check out my Thanksgiving mantel here.  I am sure you can spot a few repeated decorations!

The most important thing in any decorating is to pick one subject or color scheme and match it through the whole area.  Also choose different sizes in your subject matter and work with your empty space to create odd numbered items in clusters.

Anyway, here it is! better late than never!  Check me out at www.easthamart.com to see more art and gather more ideas!