Chalkboard Dresser: A fun gift for your child!

Yay! Finally I have started creating again! I have several projects in the works, so stay tuned for more updates as I progress. Holidays always seem to be crazy!

Here is something fun for a kids room. A nice dresser that is meant for drawing on! This is great for drawing practice, reading and organization (in a fun way).

This is my newest piece, a chalkboard dresser. It was extremely easy to do, just paint with chalk paint, add some knobs and boom! Dresser!

I also added a fox picture on the side to add to the animal themed knobs. Check it out! Remember, I can always create a custom piece just for you!



My newest Project

Here it is!  This old, ugly (yet beautiful) chair will soon be added to me revamped collection!!  I will, of course post the finished pieced when it is done 😉

Soon to be revamped!

Soon to be revamped!

old flower chair

It is done!

The shutters are done and ready to hang! They are painted green with gold highlights and a slight patina. There is a black wire basket drilled in to the bottom to be used as a coconut husk planter.  The whole thing was covered in a water proofing solution so it is ourdoor friendly and ready to hang! I can’t wait to plant some climbing vines, herbs or spray some moss over the whole thing!!