This Years Secret to a Beautiful Christmas Tree

beautiful (2)

I love the holidays, mostly for the decorating! I love creating new looks for my Christmas tree every year, and this year is no different.  I think color coordinating and planning out a design, give a room a professional look and a cozy, relaxing feel.

This year, I did red and white.  I love the idea of snow covered trees and candy canes which is what my living room reminds me of.  There is one thing that set this tree off and made it stand out a lot more.  That is the addition of giant red glittery shear bows! (I really wish you could see how they shine through your computer screens.) The bows almost glow with the warm white light shining through.  I think secondly, the white tinsel give the tree a lot of contrast.

So that is my secret to a beautiful Christmas tree for 2015!  Be sure to visit my site at to see some beautiful natural art and furniture!