2015 Art Highlights

2015 was a great year! I can’t wait to see what next year brings! 

Thank you to everyone for making the year wonderful!

 2015 Art highlights 


Chalkboard Dresser: A fun gift for your child!

Yay! Finally I have started creating again! I have several projects in the works, so stay tuned for more updates as I progress. Holidays always seem to be crazy!

Here is something fun for a kids room. A nice dresser that is meant for drawing on! This is great for drawing practice, reading and organization (in a fun way).

This is my newest piece, a chalkboard dresser. It was extremely easy to do, just paint with chalk paint, add some knobs and boom! Dresser!

I also added a fox picture on the side to add to the animal themed knobs. Check it out! Remember, I can always create a custom piece just for you!


From wood to stenciled



Supplies: stencil, two tones of paint, new drawer hardware, primer, polyurethane

To get this look, I sprayed the entire dresser with sander and proceeded to paint the dresser white and the drawers aqua. I then stenciled the sides of the dresser with the aqua and one drawer with the white. I let the dresser dry and then added polyurethane. Finally I added new hardware. I also created a box that matches to sit in the top and hold random objects.

New table

Here is a new table I made to match my chair.

Here is what I started with:

First I stripped the old finish and sanded the table. Next I stained it. I let that dry and then added a little accent on the molding. Then I put polyurethane over the whole thing. I then took some of my fabric and stapled it to the sides of the top of the table.

20140201-194538.jpgFinally I placed a piece of glass back over the fabric and have a new matchy table for my chair.