“Annabella” The White Tiger

This year for Christmas, three girls chose their favorite animals, flowers and colors and I painted them a custom piece of art. 

This painting is entitled “Annabella” it is a white tiger with roses surrounding the head. This painting is for a preteen so I wanted to give this a not so kiddy look. I chose to make it simple. I also used a white tiger with blue eyes to emphasize Annabella’s uniqueness. There is also a glow in the dark heart on the Tiger’s cheek, that is meant to highlight what a big heart Annabella has. The roses are dark red and symbolize the beauty in the challenges around her. (Especially for a teenager)

Stay tuned to see my other prices and the meaning behind the paintings! Visit my Site to see more!  


Holiday art Reveal

Every year around the holidays, I take on at least one art project to give away as a gift. This year, I crafted three paintings for three amazing girls and a wall plaque for some well deserving grandparents!
The three paintings are all similar but also unique. Each girl picked a favorite animal, flower and color scheme and I did the rest. Here is what I came up with:

First, we have a tiger & roses in blue, red and black:

Next, a dog with lilies in green pink and blue:

And finally, a unipeg (unicorn Pegasus) in pink, magenta and purple: 

(I will elaborate more in to the meanings and decisions I made on these in another post)

Finally, a wooden “grandchildren” sign with space to hang pictures of grandchildren on clothes pins. 

There you have it! My 2015 holiday art gifts. If you see anything you like, I would love to do something similar for you! Visit my site at Easthamart.com to see more!

New Contest!

Since I have been busy creating commissioned work, but can’t show my newest creations until after the holidays, I have decided to award a free print to the first 10 people to guess what this painting is of from these detail shots. Enter to win here.  Here they are:

1 2 3

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Chalkboard Dresser: A fun gift for your child!

Yay! Finally I have started creating again! I have several projects in the works, so stay tuned for more updates as I progress. Holidays always seem to be crazy!

Here is something fun for a kids room. A nice dresser that is meant for drawing on! This is great for drawing practice, reading and organization (in a fun way).

This is my newest piece, a chalkboard dresser. It was extremely easy to do, just paint with chalk paint, add some knobs and boom! Dresser!

I also added a fox picture on the side to add to the animal themed knobs. Check it out! Remember, I can always create a custom piece just for you!