Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas


I can’t believe it’s that time again! Thanksgiving! Soon the house will be covered in glittery red and green. But first, here’s some easy ideas to tide you over to that fancy feast and to show off your fall decor for a few more weeks!

First, pillows! This is the first year I’ve added fall pillows but it has made a huge difference! Easy and stylish. 


Next, there should always be something on your table for the big feast. I added a white wire basket filled with fall leaves and three green and orange bottles. These bottles were from the dollar store, so they were very economical. I finished the look by adding a couple of white pumpkins to the ends.

Finally, the mantle. I added a lantern, fall leaves and some wheat on top. I also added a basket of wheat on a crate on the side and a wreath above everything. I plan on adding a few more fall leaves to the wreath, but even without them, it looks great! 

This year I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house, so I am sure some more  fall posts are on the way! Until then, shop my  Etsy page for your early Christmas shopping needs!


How to improvise… Halloween floating candles

What do you do when something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it?
This is what I wanted:

This is what I got:


Oh my. You can tell these floating candles are obviously toilet paper rolls with led candles on the top. So, rather than admit defeat, I got creative. I wrapped the candles in some shear purple material I had laying around and added some raffia to tie it all together! Viola! It’s not perfect, but it’ll do!



This egg carton holder however is a great idea to hold the rolls up while you are spray painting!
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Vintage Vanity with secret jewelry box mirror


It’s been a while since I have posted any of my latest creations! Life has been pretty chaotic with lots to do (as usual)

Here is a look at my newest creation. 

I currently have this for sale on Etsy but I may have an offer pending. Either way, if you are interested in this or something like it, I will always do a custom order!! Let me know if you would like a quote. Areas within 20 miles of Morrison Colorado will ship free! 

As promised… The secret image.

A week ago I posted my newest painting. A giant 8′ x 4′ poppy painting. You can read about the meaning Here

In my last post I briefly mentioned a secret image. Did you find it? Well here is the close up.


I am not a football fan, but I love secret pictures. This image was for my cousin in law; he loves the Raiders. He mentioned paintings with cool hidden pictures, so I just had to sneak this in :-). It’s amazing how many pieces of art have hidden pictures and meanings. Some of them we might not ever know about. Our local history Museum has gnomes Hidden in all of its murals. Here is a picture:

So there you have it. My secret picture. How many of my other paintings have secret images? One? None? All? The world may never know 🙂    

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“Poppies” and the meaning behind the flower

If you haven’t yet seen my newest work, scroll down to take a look at my newest piece. This was a commissioned piece that I just completed. It may look like a pretty bunch of flowers, but the red poppies have more significance than meets the eye. 

There are several hidden meanings in the poppy flower. First and most importantly is the way in which a poppy flower blooms. Before the beautiful opening, a poppy will hang it’s head, as it becomes heavy and tired before it opens. I think in life this serves as a reminder to never give up even when times are hard. If you hang in there, a bloom is right around the corner.

Another meaning of the poppy is healing and remembrance. The poppy is a flower that reminds us that life continues after our bodies pass. The Romans believed that a poppy could heal a broken heart.

 The story of Flanders field is a great poem that explains the significance of poppies. A poppy seed will stay dormant and wait for the perfect growing conditions, even if it takes years. After a great battle in Flanders Field, the area was splattered with loss of life and everything was burned to the ground. The area was left barren. That is until the poppies awoke from their slumber and filled the field with beautiful red flowers. A promise of hope and remembrance.  
There are many more reasons that the poppy flower was my subject of choice for this painting. No other flower could convey all of these hidden meanings in a single image. 

There is one more secret and unrelated image located in this giant painting. This one was meant for a completely different person and is there just for fun. Can you find it? Clue: it has to do with sports. I will post the answer next week. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments! Also be sure to check me out at also follow me on Facebook and Twitter @easthamart

My Art Hero

For centuries, artists have banded together, helped each other out and traded ideas and skills. That is why it is always important to have a mentor or art hero who inspires new thoughts, new techniques and new ways of going about your routine. I, am no different than any other artist. I have my very own mentor and idol that I would love to tell you about. He brought to me new ideas about life, new techniques and gave me great career advice. While I was young when I knew him, he is never forgotten and he pops up quite frequently in my mind. And somehow, though he is no longer with us, I feel he is still teaching me to this day. 

A very well known artist in El Paso, Texas, Fred Carter’s brightly colored paintings can be seen in many venues and museums. He is known for his bright use of color and very distinctive southern style paintings of old train depots, trains, and buildings. Here is a link to his bio and works:

Fred Carter Art
Here are some of his beautiful paintings:

Fred was an amazing person. I lived separately from him in Colorado and rarely got to meet with him. He was my uncle. (Great uncle technically) I was only starting to discover art when I got to meet with him to show him my work on a trip to Texas. He quickly pointed out some he liked and gave me my first lesson. Pricing art. The hardest thing for an artist to do. He taught me one valuable thing. To value my art. I picked a price of $20 and he bought it on the spot. He would have probably given me hundreds. He told me that pricing is difficult but never to under value yourself or sell yourself short. That is how others will begin to under value you.  

Next, I became one of the only people in the world to see his art studio. This was his sanctuary and not even his family was allowed in. I was surprised to see it filled with books. There were not only art books but history books, anatomy books, pretty much a whole library of information that he used in reference for his paintings. And for life. He showed me his work area and while his studio was filled to the brim with all kinds of materials, it was clean and organized. That was another lesson. I am still working on this one 🙂

While we were in his studio, he gave me various advice on a career as an artist and techniques. He showed me a color chart he made for mixing the bright colors he used in his paintings. He also gave me a set of books that he used to teach himself illustration from the Art Career Academy. I am still reading through the first volume. (There are 3) He taught me technical things such as precision, and abstract ideas such as how the moon affects thought. In one small meeting, I learned so much. I still have flashbacks in rememberance of all I learned. 

Although Fred is no longer with us, I still learn from him everyday and hope to one day change the world just as he has done before.