A Great Art Project for Kids

It seems like it’s been a while since I have posted. Life has a way of sneaking up on you! I haven’t gotten myself into any crazy projects lately, but here is something my son and I worked on last night. 

I’m sure that at one point in time, every one has completed the trite “hand turkey” but I am posting it here because it really was so much fun! (Especially with the use of real feathers and glitter!)

If you have kids, I suggest you give it a try, you will end up with a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration that will be enjoyed by all! 

To make this, have your child trace and cut out his hand, add a triangle for the beak and then decorate with feathers and glitter. Simple, fun and festive!!!


Black & Ivory Halloween Mantel

 Finally! Here it is! The big Halloween mantel reveal. I went with ivory, black and wood tones and tried to make it look like an abandoned witches home: 



Plus the rest of our 2015 Halloween decor: 


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Diy Halloween Head in a Jar 

Here is another great Halloween display that will get people talking. It is also quick and easy for all of the procrastinators out there! Heads in a jar!!


Much like in Futurama, having a head in a jar is creepy and a bit scary. These life like zombies and wrinkly faces are nothing more than cheap rubber masks inserted into glass jars with a little water and food coloring! The result is a creepy, realistic and easy Halloween display. Add chains and lights for even more of an eerie effect! (Or a black cat 😉)

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Easy Halloween decor in a flash

Need to decorate for Halloween in a flash? Here are a few quick and easy ideas to decorate for Halloween in a matter of seconds with what you may already have laying around in your house.

First, cover your furniture with white sheets or any sheets if you don’t have white. Abandoned houses typically covered their furniture to protect it from dust while they were gone and it looks extremely creepy. If you have a giant spider add it to the back of one. 


 Turn off the lights and light candles. Nothing says séance for this creepy Halloween night like a fire flickering in the darkness. 

Add squash. Use pumpkins and gourds and scatter them throughout your abode for a fall look. 

 If you have any spooky fabric or any fabric that you can rip up (or maybe splatter with red paint) drape it along the wall or cover up the decorations that you do not want seen (especially if they are too cheery). One of my favorite Halloween decorations is a simple fishnet that I drape over various things each year. 
Set out any odd Decor or anything you think might look a little bit weird. I set out a black kettle next our fireplace that looks like a witches’ cauldron and I have various weird things throughout that just make people go “hmmmm, this must be a haunted place…”

And the best one for last! Don’t clean! Spiderwebs and dust are your friends on Halloween, so don’t worry if they are around; they will only help! 😀
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It’s transition time again!!

Recently I just took on a major change in quit my full time job to take care of kids
while my husband works a crazy unpredictable schedule. It has already been a month and it feels like I haven’t done anything. My plans were to go full-time on my art and marketing, as well as work on a few more of my passions, such as decorating and cooking. Staying at home with kids, however, has been limiting my time more than I thought it would. I am still in the process of re-organizing my house and catching up on everything that I had been procrastinating on for so long. Tonight is the first night I have begun to put a plan together for my (new) life. I have come to realize that I need to schedule everything about my day a little better. Whether it be meals, cleaning or of course, art. By nature I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of person. I think most importantly, I need to work on the morning routine, which seems to be my biggest challenge. (I hate getting up.) On days when I wake up before my kids and get something done, I feel 1 million times better and continue the momentum throughout the day. Whereas if I am abruptly taken out of my slumber, I feel battered and lazy the rest of the day. I can usually pick myself back up before the day is through, but those precious hours of work are gone. By the end of the day, I am exhausted and I have to force myself to do what I would have loved to do earlier. And so I am working on a plan to get myself up and at um’ earlier.                

I would love to hear what other people do for their morning rituals. I myself definitely need to include coffee in the mix! I would love to be able to get out of the house and go for a quick walk. My problem is sleep always feels so good and I cannot help but get up too late. So although I am A night owl, I am thinking of going to sleep earlier (it’s hard to do), much like I did while I was working. I think taking the time to get out and walk, while I am listening to something motivational may help to inspire me and give me new ideas. I believe this is what I will try first. There may be a period of trial and error as I try to figure out what works for me (and kids and husband). Once I find something that I believe takes my mind the next level, I will be sure to share it. Meanwhile, I would love to hear what works for you. (especially if you are not a morning person like me)        

UPDATE!!!! As of next week, I am going back, That was fast! I am hoping some how this will work out better for accomplishing more; being forced to leave the house. 😌    Unfortunately this is more of a mid shift, so I still need help waking up…. now more than ever if I want to accomplish anything!