Diy Halloween Poison Tray


Halloween is just around the corner and I have been busy preparing my haunted mansion. And what haunted palace would be complete without a tray filled with spell making ingredients and poison? This was extremely easy and not expensive to create. I simply found cute bottles at local thrift stores and bought some transfers from the dollar store. Here is a very simple step-by-step list of how to re-create this tray. 

step one: accumulate all of your supplies. When looking for your potion bottles look for flat surfaces that are large enough for the transfers to stick to. I got these transfers at the Family Dollar; they came in a pack of four squares with one long rectangle “poison” transfer.

Step two: Prepare your bottle surfaces for the transfer. I have this tray sitting out by my mantle which I did in ivory and black so I painted a few of my bottles ivory to accent the coloring. Make sure your services are clean and free of dust. 

Step 3: Remove the plastic covering and place the transfer on the bottle where you want it to be.


 Step 4: Rub cold water on the bottle with a wash cloth making sure the transfer is saturated.

 Step 5: Peel off the white backing carefully and see your beautiful work! 🙂

Step 6: Let the transfer completely dry and then put it on display!


And there you have it! An awesome poison tray for your Halloween party guests! Be sure to follow me for more decorating ideas and check out my Etsy store to see what creations I have up for sale! And please post pictures of your wonderful Halloween decorations!!



“Poppies” and the meaning behind the flower

If you haven’t yet seen my newest work, scroll down to take a look at my newest piece. This was a commissioned piece that I just completed. It may look like a pretty bunch of flowers, but the red poppies have more significance than meets the eye. 

There are several hidden meanings in the poppy flower. First and most importantly is the way in which a poppy flower blooms. Before the beautiful opening, a poppy will hang it’s head, as it becomes heavy and tired before it opens. I think in life this serves as a reminder to never give up even when times are hard. If you hang in there, a bloom is right around the corner.

Another meaning of the poppy is healing and remembrance. The poppy is a flower that reminds us that life continues after our bodies pass. The Romans believed that a poppy could heal a broken heart.

 The story of Flanders field is a great poem that explains the significance of poppies. A poppy seed will stay dormant and wait for the perfect growing conditions, even if it takes years. After a great battle in Flanders Field, the area was splattered with loss of life and everything was burned to the ground. The area was left barren. That is until the poppies awoke from their slumber and filled the field with beautiful red flowers. A promise of hope and remembrance.  
There are many more reasons that the poppy flower was my subject of choice for this painting. No other flower could convey all of these hidden meanings in a single image. 

There is one more secret and unrelated image located in this giant painting. This one was meant for a completely different person and is there just for fun. Can you find it? Clue: it has to do with sports. I will post the answer next week. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments! Also be sure to check me out at also follow me on Facebook and Twitter @easthamart

My Art Hero

For centuries, artists have banded together, helped each other out and traded ideas and skills. That is why it is always important to have a mentor or art hero who inspires new thoughts, new techniques and new ways of going about your routine. I, am no different than any other artist. I have my very own mentor and idol that I would love to tell you about. He brought to me new ideas about life, new techniques and gave me great career advice. While I was young when I knew him, he is never forgotten and he pops up quite frequently in my mind. And somehow, though he is no longer with us, I feel he is still teaching me to this day. 

A very well known artist in El Paso, Texas, Fred Carter’s brightly colored paintings can be seen in many venues and museums. He is known for his bright use of color and very distinctive southern style paintings of old train depots, trains, and buildings. Here is a link to his bio and works:

Fred Carter Art
Here are some of his beautiful paintings:

Fred was an amazing person. I lived separately from him in Colorado and rarely got to meet with him. He was my uncle. (Great uncle technically) I was only starting to discover art when I got to meet with him to show him my work on a trip to Texas. He quickly pointed out some he liked and gave me my first lesson. Pricing art. The hardest thing for an artist to do. He taught me one valuable thing. To value my art. I picked a price of $20 and he bought it on the spot. He would have probably given me hundreds. He told me that pricing is difficult but never to under value yourself or sell yourself short. That is how others will begin to under value you.  

Next, I became one of the only people in the world to see his art studio. This was his sanctuary and not even his family was allowed in. I was surprised to see it filled with books. There were not only art books but history books, anatomy books, pretty much a whole library of information that he used in reference for his paintings. And for life. He showed me his work area and while his studio was filled to the brim with all kinds of materials, it was clean and organized. That was another lesson. I am still working on this one 🙂

While we were in his studio, he gave me various advice on a career as an artist and techniques. He showed me a color chart he made for mixing the bright colors he used in his paintings. He also gave me a set of books that he used to teach himself illustration from the Art Career Academy. I am still reading through the first volume. (There are 3) He taught me technical things such as precision, and abstract ideas such as how the moon affects thought. In one small meeting, I learned so much. I still have flashbacks in rememberance of all I learned. 

Although Fred is no longer with us, I still learn from him everyday and hope to one day change the world just as he has done before. 

Three helpful hints to being more successful online

After a brief hiatus from the online world, I have come back with several things that will help artists and entrepreneurs gain some footing in the online world and help to build a name for themselves. 

First of all, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you are selling in Ebay, branch out to some other sakes sites and if you are marketing in one social platform, why not join some more? I am saying this because the world of social media and online selling is changing by the minute. What works now, may change and you don’t want to be stuck. 

Being in more than one place will help you build a presence and a personality. It is no longer enough to just build a website and expect traffic. Nowadays, it is the norm to not only have a website, but you will want a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect.
Make a schedule and keep track of what you are doing. This is what I need to work on. I tend to post and then fall off the face of the earth. With so many places to post, this is easy to do. It is easy to forget about one for a while if you don’t have it written down and planned out. Make a schedule of what you will post, when and where. Keep it written down so you don’t loose track 😉

Create a personalty and be fun! I think this is something that most people miss. (Including myself) The online world is used mostly for fun and entertainment. Being too “salesy” will be an immediate turn off for everyone except the people who are already sold. The most successful people I have seen online are usually a little quirky and are very fun to follow and watch. Just let yourself shine through and don’t worry about the selling part so much. That will take care of itself if you tell your story right!

There you have it! Three helpful hints to being more successful in your online business! Be sure to check out my art website at

The bad art and why it’s good 

I do not like this painting. If you are familiar with my work, you would never guess that little miss bold color and blended backgrounds painted this dark, thorny mess! So why is it here, why on Earth would I talk about or want to put it up here when it is different and so opposite of what I normally do? 

Because this one has a story. Although it may not be bright and beautiful, the mindset that created it was not bright and beautiful either. This blob of thorn and blood red flowers came from an addicted brain. A brain fighting and scrambling to continue its addiction. That’s right. This is a quitting smoking painting. I tried so many times and this time, I painted. 

The painting fits the mindset that’s for  sure! If you have ever felt this struggle, you know this feeling. If you haven’t, you don’t want to know the feeling. It is scatter brained rage and defeat with a mix of tears and weakness. It is impossible to think of anything else. Thus the scrambled painting. It may not be beautiful but it represents the fight. 

The fight is not beautiful. It is horrible and sadly I had to fight it more than once. I failed on this attempt. I failed many many times. In fact, there is even another quitting smoking painting somewhere in my garage. 

Just keep fighting and never give up. Soon your smoking paintings and quitting paintings will evolve in to freedom paintings. That is why art is amazing. It is so representive of our inner thoughts and fleeting moments in time. Moments that we ourselves forget as we move on. Document your feelings and your life. Paint, write, draw. Don’t loose the old you because a new you has emerged. Remember your journey, 

It’s Real!!

I just got back from the RAW artist walk through! I met so many amazing artists and I can’t wait for this once in a lifetime show!!! If you are in Denver, you need to come! There will be art, music, fashion and even a fire dancer!!! Buy presale tickets by March 12 at The show is March 19 7-11 it is 18+ This will be fun!!!