Chalkboard Dresser: A fun gift for your child!

Yay! Finally I have started creating again! I have several projects in the works, so stay tuned for more updates as I progress. Holidays always seem to be crazy!

Here is something fun for a kids room. A nice dresser that is meant for drawing on! This is great for drawing practice, reading and organization (in a fun way).

This is my newest piece, a chalkboard dresser. It was extremely easy to do, just paint with chalk paint, add some knobs and boom! Dresser!

I also added a fox picture on the side to add to the animal themed knobs. Check it out! Remember, I can always create a custom piece just for you!



Black & Ivory Halloween Mantel

 Finally! Here it is! The big Halloween mantel reveal. I went with ivory, black and wood tones and tried to make it look like an abandoned witches home: 



Plus the rest of our 2015 Halloween decor: 


I hope you enjoyed our virtual Halloween tour!! Be sure to check out my Etsy store to shop some more great treats!! 

Vintage Vanity with secret jewelry box mirror


It’s been a while since I have posted any of my latest creations! Life has been pretty chaotic with lots to do (as usual)

Here is a look at my newest creation. 

I currently have this for sale on Etsy but I may have an offer pending. Either way, if you are interested in this or something like it, I will always do a custom order!! Let me know if you would like a quote. Areas within 20 miles of Morrison Colorado will ship free! 

Easy Halloween decor in a flash

Need to decorate for Halloween in a flash? Here are a few quick and easy ideas to decorate for Halloween in a matter of seconds with what you may already have laying around in your house.

First, cover your furniture with white sheets or any sheets if you don’t have white. Abandoned houses typically covered their furniture to protect it from dust while they were gone and it looks extremely creepy. If you have a giant spider add it to the back of one. 


 Turn off the lights and light candles. Nothing says séance for this creepy Halloween night like a fire flickering in the darkness. 

Add squash. Use pumpkins and gourds and scatter them throughout your abode for a fall look. 

 If you have any spooky fabric or any fabric that you can rip up (or maybe splatter with red paint) drape it along the wall or cover up the decorations that you do not want seen (especially if they are too cheery). One of my favorite Halloween decorations is a simple fishnet that I drape over various things each year. 
Set out any odd Decor or anything you think might look a little bit weird. I set out a black kettle next our fireplace that looks like a witches’ cauldron and I have various weird things throughout that just make people go “hmmmm, this must be a haunted place…”

And the best one for last! Don’t clean! Spiderwebs and dust are your friends on Halloween, so don’t worry if they are around; they will only help! 😀
Be sure to follow me and check out my other blogs on Halloween decor for more ideas! 

check out my Etsy store to see if there’s anything you might want to buy! 

Diy Halloween Poison Tray


Halloween is just around the corner and I have been busy preparing my haunted mansion. And what haunted palace would be complete without a tray filled with spell making ingredients and poison? This was extremely easy and not expensive to create. I simply found cute bottles at local thrift stores and bought some transfers from the dollar store. Here is a very simple step-by-step list of how to re-create this tray. 

step one: accumulate all of your supplies. When looking for your potion bottles look for flat surfaces that are large enough for the transfers to stick to. I got these transfers at the Family Dollar; they came in a pack of four squares with one long rectangle “poison” transfer.

Step two: Prepare your bottle surfaces for the transfer. I have this tray sitting out by my mantle which I did in ivory and black so I painted a few of my bottles ivory to accent the coloring. Make sure your services are clean and free of dust. 

Step 3: Remove the plastic covering and place the transfer on the bottle where you want it to be.


 Step 4: Rub cold water on the bottle with a wash cloth making sure the transfer is saturated.

 Step 5: Peel off the white backing carefully and see your beautiful work! 🙂

Step 6: Let the transfer completely dry and then put it on display!


And there you have it! An awesome poison tray for your Halloween party guests! Be sure to follow me for more decorating ideas and check out my Etsy store to see what creations I have up for sale! And please post pictures of your wonderful Halloween decorations!!


How to create a beautiful drawer pull in 10 minutes

From this to this in 10 minutes:

I am currently working on up-cycling a beautiful vanity, and have plans on matching this to a giant wardrobe that I acquired. On each one, I want similar drawer pulls, both the same color, but in different shapes. (The wardrobe will have a knob and keyhole, while the vanity will be a simple drawer pull.) My only problem: I can’t find an exact match. The solution: paint them, while keeping the antiqued look and bringing everything together.  

Step one: Pick similar pulls so that shape and style match. We will be adding color highlights to each but it would be helpful if the two sets have a similar base coat. 

Step two: Choose three or four colors to highlight with. I used acrylic paint and used black, teal, copper and pastel green. 

Step three: Plan out how you would like the accents to look. Do you want large dark areas? Small highlights? Make a plan for your look so you have an idea of where you will need to paint. 

Step four: Paint. I painted large areas with the real and used a small bit of black to darken it. I then dry brushed some of the pastel paint over the colors so it looked antiqued. Finally, I added a few copper highlights around the edges. 

Since this was acrylic paint, and I was mostly dry brushing, it was dry in a few minutes! Now everything is more unique with a brighter antiqued patina look and will be a perfect matching bedroom set when I paint the wardrobe’s door handles to match! I am even adding a few wood accents in the same color to the vanity mirror to tie everything together further.

And, it case you are curious, here is the vanity’s work in progress photo!


My newest Project

Here it is!  This old, ugly (yet beautiful) chair will soon be added to me revamped collection!!  I will, of course post the finished pieced when it is done 😉

Soon to be revamped!

Soon to be revamped!

old flower chair