Black & Ivory Halloween Mantel

 Finally! Here it is! The big Halloween mantel reveal. I went with ivory, black and wood tones and tried to make it look like an abandoned witches home: 



Plus the rest of our 2015 Halloween decor: 


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Halloween chalkboard

Here is this years Halloween chalkboard art:   

Easy Halloween decor in a flash

Need to decorate for Halloween in a flash? Here are a few quick and easy ideas to decorate for Halloween in a matter of seconds with what you may already have laying around in your house.

First, cover your furniture with white sheets or any sheets if you don’t have white. Abandoned houses typically covered their furniture to protect it from dust while they were gone and it looks extremely creepy. If you have a giant spider add it to the back of one. 


 Turn off the lights and light candles. Nothing says s├ęance for this creepy Halloween night like a fire flickering in the darkness. 

Add squash. Use pumpkins and gourds and scatter them throughout your abode for a fall look. 

 If you have any spooky fabric or any fabric that you can rip up (or maybe splatter with red paint) drape it along the wall or cover up the decorations that you do not want seen (especially if they are too cheery). One of my favorite Halloween decorations is a simple fishnet that I drape over various things each year. 
Set out any odd Decor or anything you think might look a little bit weird. I set out a black kettle next our fireplace that looks like a witches’ cauldron and I have various weird things throughout that just make people go “hmmmm, this must be a haunted place…”

And the best one for last! Don’t clean! Spiderwebs and dust are your friends on Halloween, so don’t worry if they are around; they will only help! ­čśÇ
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Last call!!

Presale tickets end tomorrow for RAWs March 19th show! Get yours now at Even if you can’t go, but a ticket in support of the arts!!!´╗┐


The bad art and why it’s good┬á

I do not like this painting. If you are familiar with my work, you would never guess that little miss bold color and blended backgrounds painted this dark, thorny mess! So why is it here, why on Earth would I talk about or want to put it up here when it is different and so opposite of what I normally do? 

Because this one has a story. Although it may not be bright and beautiful, the mindset that created it was not bright and beautiful either. This blob of thorn and blood red flowers came from an addicted brain. A brain fighting and scrambling to continue its addiction. That’s right. This is a quitting smoking painting. I tried so many times and this time, I painted. 

The painting fits the mindset that’s for  sure! If you have ever felt this struggle, you know this feeling. If you haven’t, you don’t want to know the feeling. It is scatter brained rage and defeat with a mix of tears and weakness. It is impossible to think of anything else. Thus the scrambled painting. It may not be beautiful but it represents the fight. 

The fight is not beautiful. It is horrible and sadly I had to fight it more than once. I failed on this attempt. I failed many many times. In fact, there is even another quitting smoking painting somewhere in my garage. 

Just keep fighting and never give up. Soon your smoking paintings and quitting paintings will evolve in to freedom paintings. That is why art is amazing. It is so representive of our inner thoughts and fleeting moments in time. Moments that we ourselves forget as we move on. Document your feelings and your life. Paint, write, draw. Don’t loose the old you because a new you has emerged. Remember your journey, ´╗┐


It’s Real!!

I just got back from the RAW artist walk through! I met so many amazing artists and I can’t wait for this once in a lifetime show!!! If you are in Denver, you need to come! There will be art, music, fashion and even a fire dancer!!! Buy presale tickets by March 12 at The show is March 19 7-11 it is 18+ This will be fun!!!