Black & Ivory Halloween Mantel

 Finally! Here it is! The big Halloween mantel reveal. I went with ivory, black and wood tones and tried to make it look like an abandoned witches home: 



Plus the rest of our 2015 Halloween decor: 


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Vintage Vanity with secret jewelry box mirror


It’s been a while since I have posted any of my latest creations! Life has been pretty chaotic with lots to do (as usual)

Here is a look at my newest creation. 

I currently have this for sale on Etsy but I may have an offer pending. Either way, if you are interested in this or something like it, I will always do a custom order!! Let me know if you would like a quote. Areas within 20 miles of Morrison Colorado will ship free! 

Diy Halloween Head in a Jar 

Here is another great Halloween display that will get people talking. It is also quick and easy for all of the procrastinators out there! Heads in a jar!!


Much like in Futurama, having a head in a jar is creepy and a bit scary. These life like zombies and wrinkly faces are nothing more than cheap rubber masks inserted into glass jars with a little water and food coloring! The result is a creepy, realistic and easy Halloween display. Add chains and lights for even more of an eerie effect! (Or a black cat 😉)

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Fall/Halloween diy combo wreath 

Do you need an easy way to decorate for both Halloween and fall with just one swoop? Then I have a great idea for you! Introducing the Halloween/fall combo wreath. This can be as hard or as simple as you would like to make it, but the basic concept is easy as pie. 

First create a wreath (or buy one) that would make a great, eye catching fall decoration. Go with fall colors such as red orange tan purple and black and make a wreath full of flowers and leaves and whatever else you would like to put in it.

I used a wire wreath frame and first weaved a black boa through it, so it had a feathery texture. I then added various gourds and floral pieces that were mostly orange and purple. 

Now the fun part! Halloween-ize it!!! I have had this wreath for a couple of years now and each year I add different Halloween elements to it. This year I have a scary skeleton man in the center. I have also done a giant spider and a spooky Halloween sign. All you have to do to make this a spooky Halloween decoration is grab your favorite hunting materials and add it or tie it to your fall wreath! Make it removable so later you can simply take it off and have a new wreath! 

Simple yet effective! There you have it, a fall/Halloween combo wreath! My go to every year 🙂


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Diy Halloween Poison Tray


Halloween is just around the corner and I have been busy preparing my haunted mansion. And what haunted palace would be complete without a tray filled with spell making ingredients and poison? This was extremely easy and not expensive to create. I simply found cute bottles at local thrift stores and bought some transfers from the dollar store. Here is a very simple step-by-step list of how to re-create this tray. 

step one: accumulate all of your supplies. When looking for your potion bottles look for flat surfaces that are large enough for the transfers to stick to. I got these transfers at the Family Dollar; they came in a pack of four squares with one long rectangle “poison” transfer.

Step two: Prepare your bottle surfaces for the transfer. I have this tray sitting out by my mantle which I did in ivory and black so I painted a few of my bottles ivory to accent the coloring. Make sure your services are clean and free of dust. 

Step 3: Remove the plastic covering and place the transfer on the bottle where you want it to be.


 Step 4: Rub cold water on the bottle with a wash cloth making sure the transfer is saturated.

 Step 5: Peel off the white backing carefully and see your beautiful work! 🙂

Step 6: Let the transfer completely dry and then put it on display!


And there you have it! An awesome poison tray for your Halloween party guests! Be sure to follow me for more decorating ideas and check out my Etsy store to see what creations I have up for sale! And please post pictures of your wonderful Halloween decorations!!


Halloween decorating for a Dollar

It that time of year! Dried leaves and the scent of pumpkin fills the air. It’s time to transform your space in to a spooky, stylish Halloween palace! And what better way to do it, than cost effective and creatively? All of these treasures came from the ever popular dollar store! What a great way to make your ideas come to life for less!!

Up first, we have the haunted town, complete with orange lights and black trees!! Each building was a dollar! There was nothing to craft for this one, just set it out, add some lights and enjoy!! (We added some mini Halloween Thomas the tank engine toys as well!)

Next, what haunted house is complete without a poison tray? Just add some thrift store bottles and we are good to go! These awesome transfers came in a pack of four and were really easy to use!! I thought for a dollar, they may not turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

Everyone knows that pumpkins are a staple of Halloween and fall. These great little guys also cost a dollar. They were orange at first which I decided to spray paint ivory to match my mantel scene a little better. Add these any where and every where!! They are carve-able, would make good accents or even a main center piece! 


 The dollar store is full of great things that you can find for your holiday! You can find bugs, dishes, towels, tinsel, floral… Pretty much every thing! I also picked up some fall leaves that I am planning on painting gold for Thanksgiving!! Check out my other blog posts for more Halloween decorating ideas!! And if you see something you like, check out my Etsy store, it may be for sale 😉 

Halloween Color Schemes that POP



Alright!! It’s getting closer! The air is crisper, nights are darker and there is a little something spooky in the air. This year, I am going to do a little tribute to a great holiday. Where you can dress as your true self or your polar opposite. Join me as I do a compilation of Halloween decor ideas that are easy, fun, affordable and will make your house the one they run from!! 😉 

First up, I will start with something simple that makes a big impact in your decorating. It is pretty general but it will be one of the first things you will want to think about when it comes to creating a coherent, consistent look throughout your space. And that is ….. Color!!!!!  
What artist wouldn’t think of that first? Halloween can have many different color schemes beside orange and black. (So over done) instead, let’s try something new, bold or unusual!!! Here are my favorite Halloween color schemes for 2015:

 Black and ivory with a hint of rustic wood. I am planning on doing this myself this year. I want to create my mantel to be modern and haunting. Black is classic and modern, while ivory gives an olden “sepia” haunting feeling. The addition of natural wood or other haunting elements will give this color scheme a truly monochrome, memorable look for your room. Here are some examples:



Up next, the traditional Halloween purple, with an earthy twist. Instead of the overdone orange and purple, how about purple, black and small hidden hints of lime green? Purple is mysterious and would be great in lights or fog. The black added to this brings about a heavy feeling. If you want to add some pizazz, adding some green slime, flowers or beakers will attract attention and break the somber feel. Here are some examples:




Finally, I am going to finish up with a combo fall/ Halloween color scheme that will easily flip from one to the next. This is neat because you can use these harvest colors, cover them with spider webs and spooky accents and then remove the ghoulish for a pretty Thanksgiving look. Although many earthy color schemes will work for this plan, I’m going to go a bit bolder and brighter with maroon, orange, lime green and maybe even a hint of dark blue! This may seem like a lot of color, so pick a few to dominate your theme and then dial the rest back to use as highlights. Here are some pictures:



So there you have it! Although there are millions more, here are three great Halloween color schemes that will help your space pop this fall!

What colors will you be displaying? I would love to see your pictures and hear your comments!!! 

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