I am ruled by nature, as are most things. For this reason, nature is my muse. I hope to someday capture the amazing beauty that is found in the smallest leaf, or the biggest sky.

I dabble in many mediums, most commonly acrylic on canvas, but I will always surprise you. As will nature. One day I will be bright and sunny, the next, dark and dismal.

Cassondra began painting at the age of 16 after being inspired by an episode of Bob Ross. She wanted to show the world how much beauty is in the everyday world. Her paintings consist of mostly landscapes and natural subject matter. She loves to use bright colors that accentuate the beauty of everyday things, with bright white being her favorite accent color. She is self taught in the fine arts and holds a Bachelors degree in design from the Colorado Art Institute. Cassondra currently resides in Morrison, Colorado with her husband and two children. Some of her most recent works include “Wall Flowers” and “29” which both include the use of acrylic paint on canvas. Her art is available on Etsy, Ebay and prints are available on Fine Art America.

  Self portrait 

Fine Art America Eastham Designs



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