DIY Barnwood table

Barn Wood Table

After having family over for the Thanksgiving holiday, I quickly realized I need a table that fits better into my small space. Here is my newest creation. I call it a barn wood table because it has that rustic look, but it was really just a solid black wood table to begin with.  To get this new look, I sanded it down, stained the top a dark Kona wood color, painted the legs white with chalkboard paint and then added the rustic details!

To get the aged look I dry brushed white chalk paint over my nice and neat staining job. Viola! aged wood! For the legs, I dry brush and ivory chalk paint over the white and then sanded the edges for a more worn look.

My favorite finishing touch is the drawer knobs. I wasn’t sure about them when I picked them out, but they really bring the piece together making it elegant, stylish and old looking!

Here are some more pictures:

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Be sure to check me out at Eastham Art I love to do fine art and furniture commissions and most pieces on my site are for sale!


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