Off topic post

I know this is really off topic and not really about anything,  but here’s a little poem for the wanders and the lost… Enjoy 🙂

Leaving you for Devils gate.

Never felt such lovely hate.

Losing myself to the fog,

pass the ranch with the broken logs.

A place for sale could be a home.

With this fog I’m free to roam.

Then a glimpse of light in dark,

I turn around and miss their mark.

Am I free or am I gone?

You only know by the song.

I know you think you are the best,

you are falling down like the rest.

I am once again left in the dark

to write my future and find my park.

Although you try, you don’t understand.

My soul, my mind, the line on my hand.

I guess I should just keep on,

I need to figure out my song.


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