“Poppies” and the meaning behind the flower

If you haven’t yet seen my newest work, scroll down to take a look at my newest piece. This was a commissioned piece that I just completed. It may look like a pretty bunch of flowers, but the red poppies have more significance than meets the eye. 

There are several hidden meanings in the poppy flower. First and most importantly is the way in which a poppy flower blooms. Before the beautiful opening, a poppy will hang it’s head, as it becomes heavy and tired before it opens. I think in life this serves as a reminder to never give up even when times are hard. If you hang in there, a bloom is right around the corner.

Another meaning of the poppy is healing and remembrance. The poppy is a flower that reminds us that life continues after our bodies pass. The Romans believed that a poppy could heal a broken heart.

 The story of Flanders field is a great poem that explains the significance of poppies. A poppy seed will stay dormant and wait for the perfect growing conditions, even if it takes years. After a great battle in Flanders Field, the area was splattered with loss of life and everything was burned to the ground. The area was left barren. That is until the poppies awoke from their slumber and filled the field with beautiful red flowers. A promise of hope and remembrance.  
There are many more reasons that the poppy flower was my subject of choice for this painting. No other flower could convey all of these hidden meanings in a single image. 

There is one more secret and unrelated image located in this giant painting. This one was meant for a completely different person and is there just for fun. Can you find it? Clue: it has to do with sports. I will post the answer next week. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments! Also be sure to check me out at http://www.easthamart.com also follow me on Facebook and Twitter @easthamart


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