How to create a beautiful drawer pull in 10 minutes

From this to this in 10 minutes:

I am currently working on up-cycling a beautiful vanity, and have plans on matching this to a giant wardrobe that I acquired. On each one, I want similar drawer pulls, both the same color, but in different shapes. (The wardrobe will have a knob and keyhole, while the vanity will be a simple drawer pull.) My only problem: I can’t find an exact match. The solution: paint them, while keeping the antiqued look and bringing everything together.  

Step one: Pick similar pulls so that shape and style match. We will be adding color highlights to each but it would be helpful if the two sets have a similar base coat. 

Step two: Choose three or four colors to highlight with. I used acrylic paint and used black, teal, copper and pastel green. 

Step three: Plan out how you would like the accents to look. Do you want large dark areas? Small highlights? Make a plan for your look so you have an idea of where you will need to paint. 

Step four: Paint. I painted large areas with the real and used a small bit of black to darken it. I then dry brushed some of the pastel paint over the colors so it looked antiqued. Finally, I added a few copper highlights around the edges. 

Since this was acrylic paint, and I was mostly dry brushing, it was dry in a few minutes! Now everything is more unique with a brighter antiqued patina look and will be a perfect matching bedroom set when I paint the wardrobe’s door handles to match! I am even adding a few wood accents in the same color to the vanity mirror to tie everything together further.

And, it case you are curious, here is the vanity’s work in progress photo!



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