3 Tips to Finding Creative Inspiration

A question I’ve been asked many times throughout my career is where do I find my inspiration. Being paid to be creative can be daunting when you are just not feeling it. The truth is I can not just go to the store and pick up more creative motivation. Inspiration comes in many forms. Simply allowing my mind to run free without restrictions or obligation is key for me to be able to create. Since it’s really hard to eliminate schedules and obligations from life, here are some simple ways to get out of your head  and find more ideas. 

Tip number one: schedule an hour of time to relax each day, weather you are drinking tea in your garden or even sitting down to watch some tv, give yourself the freedom to clear your head of all worries and see what comes to light. If you are an Internet surfer, pull up pintrest, and I’m sure you’ll have 10 new ideas in a matter of minutes 🙂

Tip number two: keep a journal. It can be a physical pen and paper or even the notes section in your phone. If you keep a back log of your thoughts and ideas, you will never be staring at a blank canvas. I know I am guilty of coming up with tons of brilliant ideas and then letting them fade away as I can only work on one thing at a time. 

Tip number three: if you are feeling burnt out creatively, my last tip is just to be creative anyway. The worst thing you can do is just wait until inspiration strikes. Sometimes it’s like lightening and it doesn’t always hit. I’ve found that if you just start doing something creative, more inspiration and creativity will follow. Maybe that first project won’t be your new creative baby, but it will open the door for more ideas and thoughts to hit you as you are working. It’s the use it or loose it philosophy, where if you don’t use your creative stores they will leave you and find another way (or person) to come out through. 

Cultivating creativity is not an easy thing to do. No one feels creative all of the time and the pressure to create can make it worse. If you follow these ideas, I would bet that soon the creative bug will bite again and more masterpieces will find there way to light.  How do you beat the creative burnout? I would love to hear more ideas! 


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