My Soul Has a Name

I always thought my flittering around from subject to subject was a bad thing and I always resolved to stick with something the next time.  Now I know there is a name for this restless spirit that is always learning, always evolving and always changing direction.  It eases my mind a little to know that some of the greats were also Renaissance souls.  Michelangelo and Leonardo DiVinci are a few and, as if it were fate, these are some of my greatest heros.

Now that I know I am not alone and there still is a way to manage my many interests and still be successful, I am relieved.  I just need to create a plan that takes into account this restless mind and changing attention shifts. I always seem to come back to art and design, so that definitely needs to be a focus. I like furniture design, painting, interior design and anything that involves the use of my hands.  Any ideas for business plans would be welcomed!

Meanwhile, if you want to know what makes up a Renaissance soul, Check out It has great information. And if you are a Renaissance soul, I would love to know what works for you! đŸ™‚


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