Lesson 1: Form

I think that it is important to share with all other artists the value of form in your design. This is the most basic and sometimes the most overlooked part of a painting. Without it, however, you will have something that looks “off” or wrong. Sure, you can play this off as “artists vision” but if you were true to form the art would speak volumes more.

The most basic way to draw something in perfect form is to be able to see it and all of its sides at once. To do this, simply convert what you are looking at and see its most basic form. The basic forms are a cube, a sphere, a cone and a cylinder. Draw the basic form all the way through (so you can see its other edges) and then shade and add its irregularities. For example, a head would be a sphere with an irregular shape, eyes, mouth and nose. When shading be sure to know where your light source is and shade to emphasize the contour of what you are drawing. Thus will make your pictures three dimensional and realistic. You can then add small amounts of details to tell your story.

Here is a black and white barn that shows the importance of form in illustration.

Even though the flower pots by the door are out of focus you can tell what they are since they are true to their form (a half sphere).


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