Project: Step it up

The plan: To step up my Artistic game

I am not a kid any more. My days of making a masterpiece in an hour are over. My plan is to teach myself how to be a great master painter.

The steps:
Since working full time and taking care of a baby take up most of my day, I plan to allot 1-2 hours each day before bed for “improvement time” I plan to alternate studying with practicing every other night.

I also plan to start carrying around a sketch book. It seems silly that I learned to paint and never really bothered with drawing. I want to learn perspective and foreshortening and how to get things looking more realistic.

Since time is limited and I need to squeeze as much learning as possible into my day, I am going to look into listening to helpful audio books in the car. If anyone has any art related or career related suggestions please let me know in the comments section, I would appreciate it greatly.

The final step: stop writing about it and start doing it. Over and out. 😊


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