The dream of an artist (besides world peace)

And so begins my first blog post. This blog will contain my trials and errors. I am a self taught fine artist, practicing for over 10 years with multiple mediums. I have always dreamed of becoming a true artist, fully supported by my talent. I have attempted this many times and soon realized I am but a speck in the art world. There are so many talented people and artists out there, it is mind blowing. It at times seems impossible to “get discovered” as an artist with so many other talented artists out there. I am but another leaf on the tree of artists. I somehow need to become a flower. So here I sit, where I’ve started from many a time before pondering how to complete my transformation. All I know is that I have to do it because my path always leads me back to here. Maybe this time I will find the code to becoming the successful artist that I know I am.

Meanwhile, if you would like in on the ground floor, you can buy prints and original pieces of my art at

Check out my website at Eastham Art



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